Ben Crampin

Ben’s been here pretty much since the get-go and, as such, has been instrumental in growing the business into what it is today.

He’s passionate about, in his words, “helping people and businesses that are constantly being taken advantage of” by providing affordable advice and support with an eye to “levelling the playing field”. Ben particularly enjoys working with ambitious small business owners to put in place robust business structures that allow their SMEs to flourish, while ensuring protection of their valuable assets.

An advocate of software and automation, part of Ben’s time is spent working with the engineering team to productise OC’s business models. He can see that technology will, in time, provide the scalability required to help a theoretically limitless number of SMEs survive and thrive against the odds. The latest of these products is Novel, a platform that is designed to help companies and their advisors to collaborate and prepare claims for R&D tax relief, in an ever-changing legislative landscape.