Chang Guan

Chang joined the OC team after 3 years running payroll in a charitable organisation. She assists payroll queries in OC. Her passion is to see hard working people receive the rewards for their work through their salary. That’s why she is determined to continue with payroll after working in different roles within finance and the accounting industry since graduated from University of Reading with a Master degree in finance.

She understands that 21st century payroll is not only about running the pay, but also how to process the payroll efficiently, through the effective use of technology to manage the complexities of a modern, small business payroll and keeping abreast of the latest governments policies. Independent thinking and the collaborate working culture within OC gave her space and support to hit the ground running.

Chang believes everyone deserves a better life. She is always keen to volunteer for different projects and charities that seek to support people to enjoy their lives, whatever stage of their life journey. In her free time, she loves engaging in different activities with her children; playing games (which she often loses) or going on hikes around the country with her family and friends.