Mieszko Kycermann

Hi, I’m Mieszko! I joined Optimal Compliance in March 2023- and I’ve been learning from day one. My background used to be a picture of Iceland and I have a passion for technology and bad jokes. I like walking, singing (Taylor Swift) and coding. Fun fact: when I lived in London, I used to walk around in random directions and would take the tube home when I was tired. I saw so much of London that way!

I started learning how to code by doing it in my free time because I wanted to figure out how to make a game! But I don’t feel married to coding. The most satisfying parts of any role are when you can see that others are better off because of something that you did.

At my last role at Sainsbury’s Tech, I helped to create software that removed barriers from other people’s roles and made their retail processes slicker and quicker. At Optimal Compliance I have the opportunity to learn about the consultancy industry, to help others and to learn new technology.

This partnership stood out to me for a culture of autonomy where engineers work closely with consultants. I’m also excited about the partnership structure (the website made me “wow”). The partnership aligns what’s good for the business with what’s good for the individuals in the business. This results in collaboration and results driven thinking incentivised by design.