Partners in LLPs are normally taxed as if they are self-employed, which can mean that they are also assessed as self-employed for the purposes of mortgage applications. The lending criteria varies from lender to lender so it is important that you use a competent broker to assist with your mortgage application. Your broker will need to speak to us so we can explain how you are paid and ensure that the correct information is submitted to the lender.

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Tax Returns

As an LLP member, you will have to complete a personal tax return each year. Thankfully, the OC team is on-hand to manage the entire process from start to finish and submit the finalised return on your behalf once you have had a chance to review it. To ensure that this process runs as smoothly …

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In addition to motor costs, other travel costs such as parking fees, tolls and congestion charges, train and bus travel can also be claimed if these relate to business trips. Food and drink or subsistence costs can also be claimed where they are incurred through the course of normal business.

For example, if you make a business journey outside of your regular working pattern or if you regularly work in different locations then these costs are usually considered allowable expenses.

Equally, where you undertake a business trip which requires you to stay away from home, the accommodation and reasonable subsistence costs will usually be tax deductible.

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Partnerships have long been recognised as effective business models wherein everyone is focused on a common goal. You will know of some famous ones, such as the John Lewis Partnership or, more recently, the Charles Tyrwhitt shirt business. As with John Lewis, the pay of all partners will be linked to our success. You will still receive exactly the same money as you always have done, but now, in addition, partners will also share in the success of the partnership.


What are partnerships? Introduction to partnerships

We believe that this new business model will provide a more attractive way of engaging with team members and, perhaps more importantly, it will allow the business, as a whole, to be more productive, more successful and more profitable. Should you choose to make the switch, those invited to join the partnership will cease being employees and instead become partners of the business. As such, they will be provided with a quarterly business performance report showing how performance is tracking against targets and encouraged to engage with …

What are the cash flow benefits?

The aim of the model is to leave each individual in the same net position as if they had not joined the LLP, but to leave the business as a whole in a more robust one. This is achieved primarily through the change in attitude of the team becoming partners, but also through some permanent and cash flow savings detailed below. In the 2019/20 tax year, any income earned through PAYE over £12,500 is subject to income tax at 20% which is the same for any LLP profits taxed through self-assessment in 2019/20.

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Profit Share

Payments to LLP Members One of the benefits of joining the LLP is you will be entitled to join the business’ profit share.  The profit share rewards the team for exceeding profitability targets. The usual model is that 20-30% of profits over an agreed budget are distributed to the team in proportion to drawings. The …

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This document explains some of the key differences in the way you are paid once you join the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and demonstrates what you can expect to see on your payslips and tax returns. Bear in mind, although the wording is a little different, what you actually receive won’t change unless you’ve knowingly …

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LLP Documentation

When you join a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), there are a few documents that need to be signed in order to make it official. Below, we have detailed each document in plain English so you can gain an understanding of what it is you’re signing up for. We’ve included links to each of the HMRC …

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Ben’s been here pretty much since the get-go and, as such, has been instrumental in growing the business into what it is today.
He’s passionate about, in his words, ‘helping people and businesses that are just constantly being taken advantage of’ by providing affordable advice and support with an eye to ‘levelling the playing field’.
Ben looks forward to the day when automation will, once and for all, fumigate the fear and confusion caused by oppressive bureaucracy and strongly believes that ‘technology holds the solutions to the problems we’re trying to solve’.
Furthermore, he can see that technology will, in time, provide the scalability required to help a theoretically limitless number of SMEs survive and thrive against the odds.
Ben doesn’t think much of government agencies and he doesn’t suffer fools; two points that aren’t always mutually exclusive.