The House

Graham & Steve took time out to re-brand in line with their own personal values

There’s an old saying that the cobbler’s children always have the worst shoes – but as owners of a great branding agency, not only do Graham Massey and Steven Fuller have great shoes, they also have a very healthy brand.

The House has been open for business for eighteen years now. However, the business radically departed from its roots five years ago when Steve and Graham looked at their business and realised they were no longer being true to their core values. They decided to change.

Working with smaller firms enabled The House to grow

For the previous thirteen years, The House had been a successful product branding agency working with large corporates and corporate brands. Steve and Graham wanted to do more to help people – as well as generate revenue. Shifting their emphasis to business branding and working with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups, provided a way to do just that.

Steve and Graham wanted to work with, what they call, “firms of endearment” – people who make a genuine contribution towards society, businesses with a purpose. Not only do they find this work more rewarding but it has also led to more business too.

Large companies require lengthy, expensive, often fruitless pitching. Entrepreneurs and people who run independent businesses talk to each other and love to refer businesses that they’ve worked successfully with. Four years ago, 60% of The House’s business came from pitching. Now, 80% comes from referrals.

Using the tools of their trade to build a better House

For the last few years Graham and Steve have been systematically developing the methodologies and processes that they use with all of their clients. The processes by which they unravel a business, right back to its DNA, and then wrap it back up again with all of its values aligned and its brand promise firmly in place. The process ensures that the business is congruent and heading in the right direction and that every single member of the team understands their part in keeping the company’s brand promise.

It was in 2009 that Graham and Steve decided it was time to use the tools that hey had developed on their own business.

Game changing results

Optimal Compliance met The House in 2010, a year into their transition. They helped us define the OC brand promise and we helped them move House. Very often, companies are too busy pitching for competitive work to take a good look at themselves. We helped make that process possible. We put new structures in place that improved cash flow and took financial pressure off of the business. We worked with them on their core strategy and we gave them the financial space they needed to go through their own process.

Steve and Graham say that the results have been game-changing.

If you are interested in how The House have been helping small companies like Mission Burrito and Coombe Castle dairy find their voice, go ahead and contact Graham & Steve.