Jen Raines has a superstar complex

When Jen Raines was 21 she was told by one of her bosses that she had a superstar complex – because she never stopped trying to prove how valuable her role was to his business. Now she has her own business, and a team of people dedicated to helping business owners sleep soundly at night, she has the ambition to make the finance function the superstar in every small growing business.

Anyone that starts their own business is very courageous

Jen thinks that high street accountants are not the best suited to provide the down-to-earth, commercial support that most independent businesses owners need. She strongly believes that the business financials should be at the living, breathing, action end of the business and not just presented and reviewed once a year. Cash flow is the lifeblood of all business, knowing the numbers and truly understanding what they mean can be the difference between crisis and survival – as so many owners of failed start-ups have sadly experienced. Jen believes that anyone who sets out to start their own business is very courageous and that they need all the support they can get. And the less bad news and surprises they experience, in the form of tax bills and running out of cash, the better their chances of survival. Indeed, good information and someone to help make sense of it – to identify what to stop doing and what to do more of to generate more profit, can easily turn a business that is doing ‘ok’ in to one that is ‘giddy’ with success.

Two types of finance professional

Jen says that are two types of people who work in finance; there are those who are commercially focussed and those who are compliance focussed. She believes that being a commercially focussed finance professional, who really understands how business works, is either in you or it isn’t – it can be learnt but it cannot be ‘breathed’. She likens her ability to find the right people to join her team at YRH to understanding her gun dogs. Training Labradors to retrieve is made easier because it is totally natural to them. They are born to do it and they love it. Jen and her team at YRH were born to make the financial operations in business a commercial priority and they would be like fish out of water doing anything else.

Revolutionising the whole accounting profession

YRH are setting out to revolutionise the way the businesses are supported by the accounting profession. By integrating financial operations in to the heart of every small business, by making the numbers make sense and by releasing vital cash to enable survival and growth, Jen and her team are on a mission to make a difference.

OC and YRH share a similar vision and have been working together with many clients since 2008. Jen and the team at YRH are the type of modern finance people that understand the OC structures and methodologies that really benefit today’s businesses. OC and YRH believe that there is a different way of working now and that the ‘old ways’ will soon be obsolete.

jen“The difference that we can make to the success of owner managed businesses, on a grand scale, will be game changing for the UK economy.”

If you want to know more about YRH visit the YRH website, or drop Jen a line. jennifer@yourrighthand.co.uk