The world is changing. Businesses are no longer hierarchies, technology is changing the way we do business, and knowledge has become more important than physical assets.

We’re passionate about our ideas. So, naturally, we’re passionate about sharing them. We understand that the world is changing. We see this as an advantage.

We want to help people and use our ideas to enable businesses to survive, succeed, and grow. You don’t need to be big to have big ideas. A small, closely knit team can create an idea that changes the world. We haven’t changed the world yet, but rest assured, we’re working on it. In the meantime, here’s what we’re thinking.

1950s tug of war


Working better. Working together.

Roughly three quarters of the business world is made up of businesses that contain fewer than 200 workers. So why apply rigid corporate hierarchies to them all? People work better when they work together.

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Picture of a skull


In a knowledge based economy, factors such as time and labour are less important than the new paradigms of ideas and efficiency. Our ideas enable businesses…

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Work smarter, not harder. We’re using technology to automate routine functions, leaving people free to create new ideas…

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