Work smarter, not harder.

The so called ‘professional’ services are mostly still delivered the same way they were 100 years ago. We’re using technology to automate routine functions, leaving people free to create new ideas.

Too often we’ve been told that technology will change our lives. How many people believe it any more? While the manufacturing industry has been indisputably revolutionised by technical innovation and mass production, the ‘professional services’ industry remains more or less unchanged.

OK, so we’re using computers instead of typewriters now. But people are still stuck at them for eight hours a day. We believe technology has the power to do more.

At Optimal Compliance, we believe in using technology to free valuable time and enable people to get on with what only human beings are good at — being creative, and solving problems as a group, leaving the admin and number crunching to the machines.

Every knowledge based business can maximise its scalability and ability to deliver value or provide valuable services through a process of ‘productisation’.

Ideas  →  developed ideas  →  methodology  →  software  →  online services

We let our people do the creative part. The rest of the work can be automated and scaled, leading to up to 90% time savings in the businesses we’ve helped.

Creating a truly automated online service puts information at your fingertips, instantly, while taking the pressure off by automating routine admin chores.

We are passionate about technology and about creating products that save both time and money.


Paycircle is an intelligent and totally automated pay and expenses application that uses technology to disarm bureaucracy and process costs – adding it to your business saves both time and money. We provide the software on a value basis, taking a small percentage of any savings it makes, providing a clear, fair benefit to all businesses and their team members.


Alphatax delivers 90% cost savings for large accountancy firms. First developed back in the 90’s, Alpahatx quickly became industry standard. It still, now, underpins all of the large accountancy firms’ corporate tax compliance businesses and gives people without specialist knowledge the ability to handle complex computational issues. Alphatax is used by 23 of the 25 top accountancy firms and more than 700 large corporations.