By cwdevelopment,

David Hart

David founded Optimal Compliance in 2009 because he wanted to help ‘level the playing field’ by providing affordable help and support to smaller businesses that are often left in the dark when it comes to regulatory compliance and efficiency.

After obtaining a first-class degree in pure mathematics from the University of Wales, he began a 12-year stint at one of the large accountancy firms (now PwC).

In 1991, he left the corporate world and founded a small company called Tax Computer Systems Limited which developed a corporation tax software product called Alphatax which is still used by ‘23 of the top 25 accountancy firms’, according to its website. However, although that business was (and is) a success, David again grew tired of serving big corporations and wanted to turn his attention to helping smaller businesses succeed: hence OC.

“Smaller businesses have the opportunity to create a genuine partnership culture which is diametrically opposed to the traditional employment (them and us) model”, he believes. OC has, over the last ten years or so, developed a ‘perfect model’ for putting this into practice with a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) licensee.

David loves the fact that every LLP incorporated at Companies House has the tag ‘OC’ as the prefix to its registration number. These days, him and the rest of the team are excited about codifying OC’s knowledge, so it can be computerised and affordably applied to help the entire small business community.