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During the nineties, we built a system that became the industry standard for tax experts in the UK. Our team is already behind two market leading tax software products but we didn’t stop there. We recently launched Novel, our R&D tax relief solution for businesses who want to take their R&D claims in-house and retain most of the benefit.

When we aren’t building software, we work hands-on with dynamic owner-managed businesses to help them plan their business structures smartly and painlessly. We specialise in partnership models, group structures, and cash flow support such as EIS, SEIS and other investment reliefs as well as R&D tax relief.

Although our software development experience spans three decades, it’s all a means to deliver on the main ethos behind why Optimal Compliance exists – to support as many small businesses as possible. The true potential of our technology is to liberate small businesses from costly bureaucracy and old-fashioned accountancy models.

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A team of mavericks that is disrupting the business consulting sector since the nineties and provide solutions that help support small and medium sized businesses.