Andrew Godley

Andy’s journey in software started at The University of Sheffield within the Mechatronics department and after moving to London (with a brief stint in patent law) dropped the soldering iron for some more time with the ones and zeros of pure software development.

The lingering knowledge of the UK and European patent system gave him a great base of knowledge to help with OC’s R&D tax relief software.

He likes the rewarding nature the partnership structure and the ability to directly see the benefits that putting in the extra hours of work. In addition, Andy enjoys the freedom and autonomy the flat structure provides him, allowing him to focus on creating software with the goal of supporting smaller businesses.

He found it great moving into such a close knit team, and that you can be much closer to the team and the project than a larger company could provide, a welcome relief after joining OC towards the end of lockdown.

When he can get away from the screen he’d love to be spending time on his snowboard but unfortunately has to settle for once a year with the lack of any snow capped mountains present in South London.