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Why switch to a partnership model?

We’ve been championing partnerships for a little over a decade here at Optimal Compliance. Even still, structures like our partnership model remain relatively scarce, especially amongst SMEs (small-to-medium sized enterprises).

This is ironic because it is smaller businesses that are best suited to the culture that becoming a partnership helps entrench.

Where else is the passion and dedication of each individual member of the team of such vital importance to the success of the business? There’s simply no room for dead weight in SMEs. Startups, especially, cannot afford to waste time and money on staff that see themselves as mere wage slaves. However, people tend to conform to the roles they are cast in.


Milton, from the 1999 Mike Judge movie Office Space

Admittedly, there are some business owners that seem to prefer things this way, or at least they think they do. The idea of an informed group of people asking questions and, more importantly, expressing opinions on how things could or should be done scares some people to death.

We acknowledge, wholeheartedly, that too many cooks can spoil the broth and, as such, not every decision can be subject to a committee. Indeed, strong leadership is just as important as teamwork and cooperation.

That said, we’ve witnessed first-hand the difference that being allowed some degree of input can have on the morale and performance of a team.

Rigid hierarchies, along with petty squabbles over rank and status, are best consigned to the last century. Our partnership ethos focuses on delivering the following three things:

  1. Everyone behaves and is treated like a business owner
  2. Business decisions are made on a consensus basis
  3. Everyone shares proportionately in the success and profits of the business

Switching to a partnership model encourages and emboldens genuine team players by granting them the stake, status, and incentive they deserve!

Got questions? Click here to refer to the ‘partnership model’ section of our knowledge base. There you’ll find a range of topics and FAQs, lovingly constructed by our team of consultants.

And when we say ‘modern businesses’, we don’t just mean cutting-edge tech companies or software developers or whatever that word may suggest. Our model can be implemented in all kinds of businesses, from building firms, to hairdressers, to jewellers, warehouses, and factories! We’re incredibly proud of the diversity of our clients.

Check out some of our stories if you don’t believe us… Or, better yet, give us a ring!

If you’d like to discover whether your business is eligible to switch to a partnership model, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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