A brief history of O.C…

During the nineties, we built a system that became the industry standard for tax experts in the UK. Our product was (and still is!) a great system, but it was only of use to a very small number of very big companies. So, we set our sights on doing more. We decided to apply our knowledge to a bigger market: smaller businesses.

These days, we work hands-on with dynamic owner-managed businesses, using technology to provide value-based products that make a real difference to the workload and the bottom lines of our clients. In many areas of finance and taxation, technology is beginning to make hourly billing models antiquated or, in some cases, obsolete.

We don’t need to bill you by the hour. We simply provide solutions that work.

Our software development experience spans three decades. Whilst developing software for big companies, we realised the true potential of our technology to liberate small businesses from costly bureaucracy and old-fashioned accountancy models.

For most companies, growing bigger means working with bigger clients. For us, the opposite is true. We’ve handled the big clients. Now, we’re turning our attention to the much bigger, small business market. Our goal is to level the playing field by using intelligent software to provide small businesses with easy access to smart support.

In other words, our goal is to make ‘optimal compliance’ available to everyone.

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